Futurama: WoT Lrrr Strikes Back Slactivism Questline


Free Waterfall Jr. has returned from the dead to spread his activism all over our mobile devices for the cost of 180 pi.  Here’s his questline.

Slactivism Pt. 1
The Professor: Whuh?!! Aren’t you Free Waterfall Jr., the annoying hippie? I thought you died years ago, when Lrrr ate you on TV!
Free Waterfall Jr: Right on, old man. Lemme tell you, the afterlife sucks. Everything’s perfect, so there’s nothing to march around and protest about.
The Professor: But how could you possibly be alive again? This calls for some research!

Free Waterfall Jr. comes back to life. Have Free Waterfall Jr. Live Freely (1h)
Have The Professor Look Up the Life-Death Continuum (3h)

Free Waterfall Jr: Research? Look, I’m as curious as you are, but if your research is funded by military money, I’m gonna need some posterboard, a stick, and a nice clear marching area. It’s good to be back.
The Professor: I figured out why you’re alive! The Hypnowave catastrophe seems to have caused a rift in the boundary between life and death — just large enough for you to squeeze through!
The Professor: You’re like a filth-encrusted Jesus!
Free Waterfall Jr: Freaky! It’s like a sign the universe still needs me to cure all its problems!
The Professor I really think it’s more of an accidental–
Free Waterfall Jr: Hang tight, universe! I’m rededicating myself to saving you through non-stop, socially conscious mindfulness!

Goal complete: Slativism Pt. 1 (75 XP, 50 Weed)

Slactivism Pt 2.
Free Waterfall Jr: I’m on a week-long crusade to reform everything. Step one: free your mind and the rest will follow. So I’m declaring a giant universe-wide yoga pose-a-thon.
Amy: I’m in, but that still leaves several trillion other sentient beings. How are you planning to get them to pose?
Free Waterfall Jr: Wtih peaceful, loving power of continuous megaphone-assisted badgering.

Free Waterfall Jr. does some yoga. Have Free Waterfall Jr. Stretch Out (3h) Have Amy Strike a Pose (5h)

URL: I’m’a have to shut your little yoga party down, hippie.
Free Waterfall Jr: Fuzz off, fuzz! I got a permit to hold an outdoor assembly.
URL : Yeah, but you’re also running an unlicensed yoga studio. That’s a class-five misdemeanor.
URL : Class-five refers to the number of beatings I’m allowed to administer. Aw yeah.

Goal complete: Slativism Pt. 2 (75 XP, 50 Weed)

Slactivism Pt. 3
Free Waterfall Jr: Violence is not the answer, pig. Come on, join me in celebrating peace and love by lighting up in public.
URL : I’d like to, man, but I’m on duty.
Free Waterfall Jr: The stuff I’m proposing we light up is not illegal in this jurisdiction.
URL : Yeah, but I got work to do. Department issued me ten confessions, and if I don’t find people to sign ’em by five o’clock, they gonna suspend my break room privileges.

Free Waterfall Jr. smokes in protest. Have Free Waterfall Jr. Smoke and Toke (4h) Have URL Beat Perps Senseless (2h)

URL : Shift’s almost over and I got two confessions left. Help an officer out by copping to burglary, my scummy hippie brother?
Free Waterfall Jr: What are you gonna do, pig? Beat me ’til I sign?
URL : Naw, man, I plan to keep beating you for awhile after that.
Free Waterfall Jr: Aren’t you forgetting that cop camera on your visor?
URL: That ain’t official, that’s my personal camera. So I can relive my beatings after hours at home. Aw yeah.

Goal complete: Slativism Pt. 3 (75 XP, 50 Weed)

Slactivism Pt. 4
Free Waterfall Jr: End fuzz brutality! Dismantle the police state now!
Bender : Nobody wants fewer police than I do, but I just don’t care enough to chant along with you.
Free Waterfall Jr: Hey, man, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
Bender : That’s exactly where I want to be.

Free Waterfall Jr. goes against the police. Have Free Waterfall Jr. Fight Police Brutality (6h) Have Bender Show Apathy (2h)

Free Waterfall Jr: Hey, man, are you sick and tired of police brutality? If you are, please sign my petition.
Scruffy : We need MORE police brutality. Planet’s under attack from undocumented immigrant gang monsters. Can’t hardly go out at night without gettin’ murdered two or three times.
Free Waterfall Jr: Really? That’s terrible!… Do you have any evidence for that?
Scruffy : Mm-hm. Gut instinct and probably false campaign speeches.

Goal complete: Slativism Pt. 4 (75 XP, 50 Weed)

Slactivism Pt. 5
Free Waterfall Jr: No more experiments! No more cages! Meat is murder!
Bender : As a mighty robot, I don’t need to eat meat.
Free Waterfall Jr: Right on, Bender! Vegans forever!
Bender: Yeah, I only do it ’cause it’s fun.

Free Waterfall Jr. does not eat meat. Have Free Waterfall Jr. Protest for Animal Rights (8h)

Free Waterfall Jr: No more experiments! No more cages! Meat is murder!
The Professor: Perhaps so, but in my experience vegetables are suicidal. Say, weren’t you planning to reform the universe in a week, starting a week ago?
Free Waterfall Jr: I know, man! I’ve been browbeating strangers for days and I haven’t improved the universe even slightly! [SNIFF] I’m a complete failure!
The Professor: Now now, stop blubbering, you complete failure… Look, you keep handing out those xeroxes and I’ll go home and free my lab monkey Harold, all right?
Free Waterfall Jr: Not good enough! Eat some flax seeds too!

Goal complete: Slativism Pt. 5 (75 XP, 50 Weed)

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Futurama: WoT – Week Two Prize Track

Week two of the Episode 1: Lrrr Strikes Back event has five more items to get on the prize track.

White House Podium: 800 weed

Malfunctioning Eddie in Horseshoe Tower: 2200 weed

Public Restroom: 1450 weed

URFL Ring: 2500 weed

Mount Rushmore: 3300 weed

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Futurama: WoT Lrrr Strikes Back Week 2 Has Begun!


The second week of Episode 1: Lrrr Strikes Back is live.  If you haven’t yet earned Hattie, Bachelor Fry, any of the items on the prize ladder, or haven’t yet picked up the event items available in the store, don’t worry everything is still available in week 2.

The only thing you can miss out on is the 70’s keyboardist challenge, if you don’t complete it on time.  Everything else from week one will be available until the end of the event.

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Futurama: WoT Lrrr Strikes Back Challenge 1

The challenge for week one is upon us, and the reward is the 70’s Keyboardist, also known as the mutated Bob Casale from the band, Devo.

The challenge lasts 48 hours.  To earn him, you have to defeat 5 Omicronian Guards, destroy 45 Omicronian Birds, and level up Bachelor Fry to level 8.

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Futurama: WoT Lrrr Strikes Back Perfect Disguise Questline


To stay away from Lrrr, who is invading due to the fact that Fry took the artifact that he was using to steal cable television, Fry put on a “disguise” and became Bachelor Fry. Here’s that questline:

Fry: Lrrr put a price on my head. I’m gonna have to conceal myself somehow.
Amy: My parents have a planet you could hide on…
Fry: Frys don’t hide! We cower, we grovel, we dress up like women, but we don’t hide!
Amy: If you want to dress up like a woman, I have a cute clubbing outfit you might be able to squeeze into.
Fry I don’t think so, Amy. If Lrrr catches me, I don’t want him to think I’m easy.

Fry disguises himself. Learn About Omicronian Guards. Earn Bachelor Fry. Defeat an Omicronian Guard.

Bachelor Fry: Check out my new disguise!
Amy: Disguise? All you did was take off your jacket and pants!
Amy: Seriously, that’s like the least effective disguise ever. Now put your clothes back on and get back to work, Scruffy.

Quest complete: Perfect Disguise (XP 75, Omicronian weed 50)

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Futurama: WoT Episode 1: Lrrr Strikes Back Store Items

There are quite a few neat items available in the store to spend your hard earned Omicronian weed on after you finish the prize track.

There is one building, Big Ben, available for 500 weed:

Then there are quite a few decorations available:
The Free Popplers Mascot is available for 100 weed.
The Monument Beach Arch is available for 100 weed:
Finally, Orangutan Leela is available for 800 weed:

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Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Hattie In Hand Questline

The first week’s free character is, whatchacallit, Hattie McDoogal.  Here’s the short kerjigger of a quest to unlock her, Hattie In Hand:

Hattie in Hand
Fry: Would you like to join my anti-Omicronian resistance army, Ms. McDoogal?
Hattie McDoogal: That depends. Can I complain non-stop about the people in charge and leave at critical moments to feed my kittycats?
Fry: Absolutely.
Hattie McDoogal: Then I’m in. I’ll be back at four o’clock, smelling like sardines and accusing you of treason.
Fry: See you then!

Hattie McDoogal joins the resistance. Build Hattie McDoogal’s House. Unlock Hattie McDoogal.
25 Family Photos – Get from Mission “Omicronian Assault”, Get from Mission “Cease and Resist”
9 Cremated Ashes – Clear Omicronian Guards with Bachelor Fry or Free Waterfall Jr.
12 Cats – Have Bender Show Apathy (2h), Have The Professor Complain About Prices (2h), Have Amy Sit Back and Relax (2h)
8 Cat Sized Purses – Collect from Omicron Vet Clinic, Have Kif Begrudgingly Watch Stripperbots (8h)
1 Omicronian Statue of Liberty

Hattie McDoogal: Come on already, let’s get rid of these Omicronians. They ruined my whole afternoon.
Fry: How?
Hattie McDoogal: They pre-empted “All My Circuits” to demand we surrender some orange-haired whatchamacallit! Moron!
Fry: You’ve got me very worried, Hattie. How are we supposed to find out whether Calculon survived that rickshaw explosion?

Goal complete: Hattie in Hand (XP: 75, Omicronian Weed: 25)

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Futurama: WoT Lrr Strikes Back Prize Ladder

There are some cool prizes you can purchase with the event’s currency, Omicronian Weed. Each prize on the prize track must be purchased before the next prize can be bought. The only prize that you can buy more than one is the Omicronian Hut. The other prizes are unique.

Prize 5 is also required to unlock Hattie McDoogal.

Prize 1: s42 Parking Garage
Cost: 310 Weed

Prize 2: Omicronian Hut
Cost: 550 Weed

Prize 3: Mutual of Omicron
Cost: 1310 Weed

Prize 4: Omicron Vet Clinic
Cost: 2200 Weed

Prize 5: Omicronian Statue of Liberty
Cost: 4100 Weed

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Futurama: WoT Busy As A Bee Questline


Before we dive into the new event, let’s finish up the storyline of the last event, Space Bee Weekend.

Busy as a Bee Pt. 1
Bee Bender: How am I supposed to defend myself in this bee outfit? I can’t even reach the Uzi in my chest compartment.
Fry: Wasn’t the Professor going to put a mechanical stinger on the back and fill it with venom?
Bee Bender: Pfft. There wasn’t even enough venom in that thing to hospitalize Zoidberg! Fortunately, it injured him pretty badly when I broke it off in him.

Bender voices his displeasure. Have Bender do the bee dance. (1hr)

Fry: I don’t think that costume looks bad.
Bee Bender: I didn’t say it didn’t look good. Everything looks good on me ’cause I’ve got natural robot style. I mean I could put on YOUR outfit and make it look good.
Fry: Wow!

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 1 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Busy as a Bee Pt. 2
Bee Bender: I figured out a use for this stupid bee costume. I’m gonna sell my own honey!
Amy: But you’re not actually a bee. How are you going to make honey?
Bee Bender: The traditional way. Mix mustard and glue, then cut it to street quality with lots of cheap store-bought honey. Stuff it in bear-shaped bottles, hawk it to rubes on Fifth Avenue, and I am one rich beevestite.

Bender sells some honey. Have Bender sell honey. (4hr) Have Amy attend social event. (8hr)

Amy: How’s the honey business going?
Bee Bender: Pretty good. Did you know honey could be fatal to infants?

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 2 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Busy as a Bee Pt. 3[edit]
URL: Bender, you look like a damn fool.
Bee Bender: You take that back.
URL: Okay. You ARE a damn fool, but you look great.
Bee Bender: Apology accepted.

Bender is ridiculed. Have Bender hang out at the hive. (6hr) Have Fry buy retro junk. (4hr)

Bee Bender: You’ll regret the day you made fun of me.
URL: I doubt it man, I don’t regret makin’ fun of anybody, including my mama.
Bee Bender: I didn’t say you’d regret making fun of me, I said you’d regret the DAY you made fun of me. Probably for some other reason. Also, I hear your mama is fat.

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 3 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Busy as a Bee Pt. 4
Bee Bender: Bee suit or not, I have to remind you losers how great I am.
Fry: Why do you care what other people think?
Bee Bender: Because I’m a very caring robot. That’s what makes me so beloved by you losers.

Bender tries to be cultured. Have Bee Bender admire the work of Pablo Bee-caso (1d) Have Bender take off head and spin it.

Bee Bender: Attention please! I, Bender, have visited a museum, and am, therefore, more cultured than everybody here.
Fry: Sounds like you enjoyed the artwork.
Bee Bender: Not only did I enjoy it, I also stole it. This is why public funding for the arts is so important.

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 4 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

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Futurama WoT: Episode 1: Lrrr Strikes Back


The first large-scale event is up for Android at the Play Store!

Judging from the art, it looks like we should be getting Hattie (which should be good news to all you young whatchcall-its, as long as you have enough kajiggers), Lrrr, a new outfit for fry, and Destructor.

It still hasn’t hit the iOS App Store, and TinyCo have stated that they’ve had issues that caused a slight delay, but it should be happening shortly.

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