Futurama: WoT Busy As A Bee Questline


Before we dive into the new event, let’s finish up the storyline of the last event, Space Bee Weekend.

Busy as a Bee Pt. 1
Bee Bender: How am I supposed to defend myself in this bee outfit? I can’t even reach the Uzi in my chest compartment.
Fry: Wasn’t the Professor going to put a mechanical stinger on the back and fill it with venom?
Bee Bender: Pfft. There wasn’t even enough venom in that thing to hospitalize Zoidberg! Fortunately, it injured him pretty badly when I broke it off in him.

Bender voices his displeasure. Have Bender do the bee dance. (1hr)

Fry: I don’t think that costume looks bad.
Bee Bender: I didn’t say it didn’t look good. Everything looks good on me ’cause I’ve got natural robot style. I mean I could put on YOUR outfit and make it look good.
Fry: Wow!

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 1 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Busy as a Bee Pt. 2
Bee Bender: I figured out a use for this stupid bee costume. I’m gonna sell my own honey!
Amy: But you’re not actually a bee. How are you going to make honey?
Bee Bender: The traditional way. Mix mustard and glue, then cut it to street quality with lots of cheap store-bought honey. Stuff it in bear-shaped bottles, hawk it to rubes on Fifth Avenue, and I am one rich beevestite.

Bender sells some honey. Have Bender sell honey. (4hr) Have Amy attend social event. (8hr)

Amy: How’s the honey business going?
Bee Bender: Pretty good. Did you know honey could be fatal to infants?

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 2 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Busy as a Bee Pt. 3[edit]
URL: Bender, you look like a damn fool.
Bee Bender: You take that back.
URL: Okay. You ARE a damn fool, but you look great.
Bee Bender: Apology accepted.

Bender is ridiculed. Have Bender hang out at the hive. (6hr) Have Fry buy retro junk. (4hr)

Bee Bender: You’ll regret the day you made fun of me.
URL: I doubt it man, I don’t regret makin’ fun of anybody, including my mama.
Bee Bender: I didn’t say you’d regret making fun of me, I said you’d regret the DAY you made fun of me. Probably for some other reason. Also, I hear your mama is fat.

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 3 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Busy as a Bee Pt. 4
Bee Bender: Bee suit or not, I have to remind you losers how great I am.
Fry: Why do you care what other people think?
Bee Bender: Because I’m a very caring robot. That’s what makes me so beloved by you losers.

Bender tries to be cultured. Have Bee Bender admire the work of Pablo Bee-caso (1d) Have Bender take off head and spin it.

Bee Bender: Attention please! I, Bender, have visited a museum, and am, therefore, more cultured than everybody here.
Fry: Sounds like you enjoyed the artwork.
Bee Bender: Not only did I enjoy it, I also stole it. This is why public funding for the arts is so important.

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 4 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

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