Futurama: WoT Lrr Strikes Back Prize Ladder

There are some cool prizes you can purchase with the event’s currency, Omicronian Weed. Each prize on the prize track must be purchased before the next prize can be bought. The only prize that you can buy more than one is the Omicronian Hut. The other prizes are unique.

Prize 5 is also required to unlock Hattie McDoogal.

Prize 1: s42 Parking Garage
Cost: 310 Weed

Prize 2: Omicronian Hut
Cost: 550 Weed

Prize 3: Mutual of Omicron
Cost: 1310 Weed

Prize 4: Omicron Vet Clinic
Cost: 2200 Weed

Prize 5: Omicronian Statue of Liberty
Cost: 4100 Weed

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