Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Hattie In Hand Questline

The first week’s free character is, whatchacallit, Hattie McDoogal.  Here’s the short kerjigger of a quest to unlock her, Hattie In Hand:

Hattie in Hand
Fry: Would you like to join my anti-Omicronian resistance army, Ms. McDoogal?
Hattie McDoogal: That depends. Can I complain non-stop about the people in charge and leave at critical moments to feed my kittycats?
Fry: Absolutely.
Hattie McDoogal: Then I’m in. I’ll be back at four o’clock, smelling like sardines and accusing you of treason.
Fry: See you then!

Hattie McDoogal joins the resistance. Build Hattie McDoogal’s House. Unlock Hattie McDoogal.
25 Family Photos – Get from Mission “Omicronian Assault”, Get from Mission “Cease and Resist”
9 Cremated Ashes – Clear Omicronian Guards with Bachelor Fry or Free Waterfall Jr.
12 Cats – Have Bender Show Apathy (2h), Have The Professor Complain About Prices (2h), Have Amy Sit Back and Relax (2h)
8 Cat Sized Purses – Collect from Omicron Vet Clinic, Have Kif Begrudgingly Watch Stripperbots (8h)
1 Omicronian Statue of Liberty

Hattie McDoogal: Come on already, let’s get rid of these Omicronians. They ruined my whole afternoon.
Fry: How?
Hattie McDoogal: They pre-empted “All My Circuits” to demand we surrender some orange-haired whatchamacallit! Moron!
Fry: You’ve got me very worried, Hattie. How are we supposed to find out whether Calculon survived that rickshaw explosion?

Goal complete: Hattie in Hand (XP: 75, Omicronian Weed: 25)

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