Futurama: WoT Lrrr Strikes Back Perfect Disguise Questline


To stay away from Lrrr, who is invading due to the fact that Fry took the artifact that he was using to steal cable television, Fry put on a “disguise” and became Bachelor Fry. Here’s that questline:

Fry: Lrrr put a price on my head. I’m gonna have to conceal myself somehow.
Amy: My parents have a planet you could hide on…
Fry: Frys don’t hide! We cower, we grovel, we dress up like women, but we don’t hide!
Amy: If you want to dress up like a woman, I have a cute clubbing outfit you might be able to squeeze into.
Fry I don’t think so, Amy. If Lrrr catches me, I don’t want him to think I’m easy.

Fry disguises himself. Learn About Omicronian Guards. Earn Bachelor Fry. Defeat an Omicronian Guard.

Bachelor Fry: Check out my new disguise!
Amy: Disguise? All you did was take off your jacket and pants!
Amy: Seriously, that’s like the least effective disguise ever. Now put your clothes back on and get back to work, Scruffy.

Quest complete: Perfect Disguise (XP 75, Omicronian weed 50)

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