Futurama: WoT Lrr Strikes Back Prize Ladder

There are some cool prizes you can purchase with the event’s currency, Omicronian Weed. Each prize on the prize track must be purchased before the next prize can be bought. The only prize that you can buy more than one is the Omicronian Hut. The other prizes are unique.

Prize 5 is also required to unlock Hattie McDoogal.

Prize 1: s42 Parking Garage
Cost: 310 Weed

Prize 2: Omicronian Hut
Cost: 550 Weed

Prize 3: Mutual of Omicron
Cost: 1310 Weed

Prize 4: Omicron Vet Clinic
Cost: 2200 Weed

Prize 5: Omicronian Statue of Liberty
Cost: 4100 Weed

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Futurama: WoT Busy As A Bee Questline


Before we dive into the new event, let’s finish up the storyline of the last event, Space Bee Weekend.

Busy as a Bee Pt. 1
Bee Bender: How am I supposed to defend myself in this bee outfit? I can’t even reach the Uzi in my chest compartment.
Fry: Wasn’t the Professor going to put a mechanical stinger on the back and fill it with venom?
Bee Bender: Pfft. There wasn’t even enough venom in that thing to hospitalize Zoidberg! Fortunately, it injured him pretty badly when I broke it off in him.

Bender voices his displeasure. Have Bender do the bee dance. (1hr)

Fry: I don’t think that costume looks bad.
Bee Bender: I didn’t say it didn’t look good. Everything looks good on me ’cause I’ve got natural robot style. I mean I could put on YOUR outfit and make it look good.
Fry: Wow!

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 1 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Busy as a Bee Pt. 2
Bee Bender: I figured out a use for this stupid bee costume. I’m gonna sell my own honey!
Amy: But you’re not actually a bee. How are you going to make honey?
Bee Bender: The traditional way. Mix mustard and glue, then cut it to street quality with lots of cheap store-bought honey. Stuff it in bear-shaped bottles, hawk it to rubes on Fifth Avenue, and I am one rich beevestite.

Bender sells some honey. Have Bender sell honey. (4hr) Have Amy attend social event. (8hr)

Amy: How’s the honey business going?
Bee Bender: Pretty good. Did you know honey could be fatal to infants?

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 2 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Busy as a Bee Pt. 3[edit]
URL: Bender, you look like a damn fool.
Bee Bender: You take that back.
URL: Okay. You ARE a damn fool, but you look great.
Bee Bender: Apology accepted.

Bender is ridiculed. Have Bender hang out at the hive. (6hr) Have Fry buy retro junk. (4hr)

Bee Bender: You’ll regret the day you made fun of me.
URL: I doubt it man, I don’t regret makin’ fun of anybody, including my mama.
Bee Bender: I didn’t say you’d regret making fun of me, I said you’d regret the DAY you made fun of me. Probably for some other reason. Also, I hear your mama is fat.

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 3 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Busy as a Bee Pt. 4
Bee Bender: Bee suit or not, I have to remind you losers how great I am.
Fry: Why do you care what other people think?
Bee Bender: Because I’m a very caring robot. That’s what makes me so beloved by you losers.

Bender tries to be cultured. Have Bee Bender admire the work of Pablo Bee-caso (1d) Have Bender take off head and spin it.

Bee Bender: Attention please! I, Bender, have visited a museum, and am, therefore, more cultured than everybody here.
Fry: Sounds like you enjoyed the artwork.
Bee Bender: Not only did I enjoy it, I also stole it. This is why public funding for the arts is so important.

Goal complete: Busy as a Bee Pt. 4 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

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Futurama WoT: Episode 1: Lrrr Strikes Back


The first large-scale event is up for Android at the Play Store!

Judging from the art, it looks like we should be getting Hattie (which should be good news to all you young whatchcall-its, as long as you have enough kajiggers), Lrrr, a new outfit for fry, and Destructor.

It still hasn’t hit the iOS App Store, and TinyCo have stated that they’ve had issues that caused a slight delay, but it should be happening shortly.

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Futurama: WoT Aliens Coming to Central Park

central_parkTinyCo has stated that all items and decorations on Central Park will be stored on the 2nd of August because Aliens are coming to that space.

They have stated that they have prepared for people to have placed their artifacts there, so there is no need to worry if you don’t move it on time.

Hopefully the same has been set up for the Robot 1-X workers too.

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Futurama: WoT Last Day of Space Bee Weekend

Today is the last day of Space Bee weekend, so keep collecting pollen on Omicron Persei 8 and making honey to get the Bee Bender outfit.

If you already have the outfit, play through the mission on Mars to get influencer chips to level him up, and play through the bee’s nest mission to battle the Queen Bee and get her to become a resident of your New New York (as a decoration).

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Futurama: WoT Almost Famous Gameplay


The map of this simple mission is exactly the same as the Entry Level Experience mission in the last event. And like that mission, it gets progressively harder as you go on. Once again littered throughout the maps are tons of career chips, from the chip, to the mega chip, to the giga chip, and to the terra chip. This time, they are influencer chips, so you can level up your Bee Bender.  You can level up another influencer instead if you’d rather, as the event doesn’t require Bee Bender to be highly leveled.

Here’s the list of paths and gas needed, as well as the levels that are needed to unlock blocked paths:

Path 1: 18
Locked 1 (Influencer Character, Level 9): 20
Locked 2 (Influencer Character, Level 14): 23
Locked 3 (Influencer Character, Level 19): 26

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Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Hive Mind Questline


There are two questlines, and three space missions in this event. Here’s the first quest:

Hive Mind Pt. 1
Professor: There you are, Fry. Have you fetched those hexagons I haven’t asked you for yet?
Fry: Sorry, sir. I meant to, but– wait, what hexagons?
Professor: My research, or rather, guesswork, suggests the hypnowaves can be contained in a planar lattice of regular hexagons.
Fry: What?
Professor: Stop asking difficult questions or I’ll make up more technobabble!

Have the professor Pine for Hexagons (1m).

Professor: Good news, everyone! You’re off to the Space Beehive to steal their honeycomb!
Fry: But aren’t the Space Bees dangerous? Also, why?
Professor: Very dangerous, and because their honeycomb consists of perfectly regular hexagons! You see, my research suggests hypnowaves–
Fry: Alright, already, I’m going! Stop boring me!

Goal complete: Hive Mind Pt. 1 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Hive Mind Pt. 2
Fry: The Professor wants us to steal some hexagons from the Space Beehive.
Bender: No way! Last time we visited the Space Beehive I almost died!
Fry: No you didn’t. Leela was the one who was in a coma for two weeks.
Bender: We remember things differently. It’s a lot like “Rashomon”. Most of my life is.

Fry talks Bender into joining him. Complete the Hexagon Hunting Mission. Collect 12 Pollen in the Hexagon Hunting Mission.

Bender: We couldn’t get into the Space Beehive. But I found this one crazy hermit bee making pentagons and I stole them so you can build your lattice.
Professor: Pentagons?! Do you seriously think I can build and infinite polar lattice out of regular pentagons? It’s impossible! Physically and mathematically impossible! How could you possibly think that, you imbecile?
Bender: Global warming isn’t real, and also it’s not caused by human activity.

Goal complete: Hive Mind Pt. 2 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Hive Mind Pt. 3
Fry: What if you dressed up as a bee? That way we can infiltrate the Space Beehive!.
Bender: Are you nuts? I’ve got a hot fembot date tonight.
Fry: Think how turned on she’ll get when you tell her how you risked your life battling Space Bees.
Bender: Indeed she will, but nothing in that plan requires me to actually battle Space Bees!

Bender dresses up. Have Fry Guzzle Honey (3h). Make 3 Honey Using Pollen. Create the Bee Bender outfit to infiltrate the space bee hive.

Amy: Bender, you look adorable!
Bee Bender: Shut up. I’m going undercover as a Space Bee.
Amy: Well, when you’re done, let me take your picture so we can hang it on the fridge next to your report card.

Goal complete: Hive Mind Pt. 3 (Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

Hive Mind Pt. 4
Fry: I’ve got a score to settle with these bees! Last time we were here they injured me and nearly killed Leela.
Bee Bender: But I injure you and nearly kill Leela all the time!
Fry: Okay, I’ll put you on my score-settling list too. But don’t expect to be as high a priority.
Bee Bender: Nobody cares about Bender.

The crew goes up against the Queen Bee. Defeat the Queen Bee.

Professor: Thanks to those hexagons you brought, I was able to neutralize the hypnowaves and save the universe!
Fry: What are you talking about, Professor? Look around, there are still hypnowaves everywhere!
Professor: […]
Professor: There you are Fry! I need a supply of perfect heptagons, so off you go. Be sure not to anger those space hornets!

Goal complete: Hive Mind Pt. 4 (Queen Bee 1, Nixonbucks 100, XP 75)

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